Still Trucking

Well, another non-glamorous week. But I can feel that we're getting more settled, which is a really nice feeling!

M's favorite part of school these days is the dancing. Some really young guy in an American flag sweatsuit leads her class a few times a week in these ridiculous dances about all kinds of silly stuff like bald heads and chickens. You should see the guy, he jumps up and down for half an hour screaming until the kids are laughing their heads off and can hardly do the dances.

School craft with leaves.

She also learns dances that go with her ancient poems, and she is forever trying to do all these dances while we're at the supper table eating. I can't count how many times we've told her to stop singing and take a bite. But it's so nice to see her full of joy!


We also recently had a local lady come to help clean the house since this whole language-study thing adds a lot of demands to my normal housewifing life. We're hoping to have her come once a week. After the first time she came, I could hardly believe how clean the place was! The sun was shining off the freshly-mopped floor and it was literally sparkling! She came again a few days ago and now the bathroom glistens. What a blessing!

More silly faces. Notice the Starcraft in the background.

E really likes her, though and while she's here E is always running and seeing what she's doing and then coming back and reporting to me. Then when she leaves, E has been giving her a hug and a kiss good-bye and I think it just melts her heart. Actually, E gives lots of people hugs and kisses good-bye now, including my tutor and just about anyone who comes over. What a sweet girl!

Look, I put a panda in the laundry basket!

In unrelated news, I just got six pairs of pants hemmed for less than $15 (USD). Bring your clothes that need tailoring when you visit us!