Back in School

Well, the break is over and we're back in school full time!

M was not very excited to go back, but after a rough first day (when I picked her up after lunch), she has been happy to go since then. She even chose to go to school when I gave her the choice yesterday, since it was only a half day.

M playing with some friends at school.

E also had her share of mourning the start of school. She pretty much cried the whole first day about missing her sister, which was really sweet and cute. By the second day, though, she was over it and happily played with toys all day.

What E usually does while M is at school.

We're pretty excited about this semester for M and also for H and me. H's class starts a little later, so that means mornings are not quite as rushed as they were last semester, which should be a big help. Also, M is SO much happier at school than she was the first few days in the fall (understandably), so I'm hoping she'll be able to really start to get to know some of the kids in her class. She even came home with homework earlier this week to review a poem about winter jasmine flowers, and we were able to look at it together and review what it meant and read it through a few times. That's really different from the beginning of last year!

What a cutie! This was over the break.

So, hopefully this semester will be a time for us to settle the rest of the way and get a lot more comfortable here. It's only been about a week, but I think we're off to a good start!