Spring is Here!

Well, I have to say that, having never really experienced winter in my adult life, I think I recently realized that I've never experienced spring either. I never appreciated warmth and green until I experienced the cold and brown of that winter!


I recently even looked at a picture from my phone of an outdoor TV screen surrounded by grass and trees and wondered where it was, only to realize that it was right outside our building in our complex. I had completely forgotten that there had been grass there! Who knew grass died in the winter anyway...? I thought it was supposed to stay there but just turn brown...?

Taking advantage of the warmer weather to play outside

At any rate, now there are leaves and flowers budding on nearly every tree and little shoots of grass coming up all along the ground and it's so exciting! The kids love it and they want to touch every bud they see. M has even learned how to say leaf buds in English and in the local language, which is quite remarkable since I'm pretty sure if we hadn't moved the mild winters back home would have prevented her from even saying that in English.

Can you tell the word for leaf bud in the local language ends in "a"?

It's also been warm enough that I've stopped wearing base layer pants (long johns, I mean) and I've gone outside a few times with only a cardigan on!

We're so excited to see everything come back to life and can't wait to get to the mountains!