So, I guess now that we live in a cold place, birds here migrate. Or maybe they migrate through where we used to live too, I just never knew. At any rate, birds are apparently important here.

I guess birds like to hang out near water

So another expat organized a birdwatching trip, where all we had to do was show up and pay some money. After all of that travelling and organizing stuff for visitors, I was pretty stoked at the thought of just showing up, paying somebody and then sitting back and enjoying the rest of the day outdoors. So M skipped school and I brought both kids to learn about birds.

I'm not sure how much the kids learned, but I sure learned a lot! I got to see hundreds of birds sitting on their nests out on the water in a marshy area nearby. I think we even spotted an egg poking out of one of the nests! I also enjoyed the time getting to know a few other foreign families here that I hadn't met yet.

M is ready to see some birds

And the kids had a great time! It turns out that I wasn't the only parent that let their kid skip school for the event, and there was a group of a few kids for nearly every age range. M and E started following around a 5-year-old and had the time of their lives taking turns using a huge stick he had brought to dig "new homes" for animals to burrow in.

Digging holes

I don't think I know enough about birds to go birdwatching again without an experienced organizer, but I definitely enjoyed the chance to be outside, learn about birds and not have to plan anything!