Last round of visitors for the summer

Well, we just had our last visitors come for the summer. And man, we're getting to be pros at this! This time we even asked them ahead of time what they wanted to do while they were here! (Why didn't we think of that before...?)

So my sister and brother-in-law came, and we took them to the same places, around our neighborhood and M's school and H's school and the mall with all our favorite restaurants. Also, H was pretty happy to have someone to play old video games with him every afternoon.

Notice who the biggest fan of the gaming is...

A highlight of our trip was inviting out the family of one of M's classmates so that my sister and brother-in-law could meet some local people. Although we were nervous about how it would go, it turned out to be really good! H translated for pretty much the whole dinner while the other mom and I fed the kids. We felt like we really got to know them a lot better, and it was fun for my sister and brother-in-law to hear more about what life is like for locals.

Fancy looking door

We also visited a famous temple nearby, which was pretty cool. A lot of things were (literally) gilded and very pretty, but my favorite part was the giant meeting room with tons of rows of pillows for the monks to sit on and have debates. Whereas I would've expected something like that to be really spacious and open, the ceiling was hung with tons of hanging fabric things that made it so that your head would be hitting them if you were doing anything but sitting on the pillows. Definitely a different atmosphere than our debates in the West. But sorry, they didn't allow pictures inside.

See the gold building in the back?!

We also got a delicious giant fried doughnut thing on the way home and ate it on what was quite possibly the bounciest bus ride of my life.

But overall, we had a great time with them! We were very sad to see them go, especially since we didn't have any other visitors following on their heels. But after two weeks of resting and planning, we're headed to Europe!