October Visitors Part 1

Well, October is a crazy month for us! It started with a week long holiday when some friends came to visit us from the US.

M walked like this pretty much wherever we went.

This was our first time to have kid visitors! M and E were beside themselves with excitement. Also, having a family come all the way over here with their less-than-one-year-old made us feel so loved!

Kids are so fun!

We had the family with the kids, another friend from the US and a friend who lives in a different city here all come over together. It was like our old community just relocated here for about a week! What a blast! We felt so loved and not alone to have them here. We have good friends here, but there's just something different about people who have known you for 5 or 10 years, and we were really encouraged.

All the girls in our group.

We also got to go out of the city for a day and see some nearby mountains. It was my first time arranging the driver myself! So I'll be ready for the next set of visitors. The kids all sat in the back seat together for the drive and had a lot of fun eating snacks and then running around outside once we got there.

The kids are now avid rock-skippers.

We also spent one night all singing songs together after the kids went to bed, which was super fun! Someone decided that we should try to learn a song in SATB parts, and we spent more than an hour practicing it. By the end we sounded really good! And I had laughed hard enough to relieve months of stress.

Heart melt.

It also snowed on the last day they were here, the first snow of the year! And since it still isn't very cold, the flakes were really big and pretty. After being out all morning in it (and someone teaching the kids to throw snowballs...), we came home in the afternoon and let the kids watch a movie while the girls in the group collectively made three desserts! What a perfect snow day!

Overall, it was a great trip! We felt so refreshed having them here, and I feel happy and ready to take on the next few months of life here before our first visit back to the States!