In the US!

Well, it's our first time back to the US (as a family, at least) since we moved overseas!

What the kids did on the plane when they weren't sleeping.

Since we arrived at H's parents' house, they've been spoiling us and our kids with good food, restaurant trips, unexpected extra Christmas gifts and trips to Costco.

Our first Costco trip

It's been interesting to see what the kids are surprised by here. E, of course, doesn't remember anything from here, but M apparently forgot quite a lot of the mundane details of life. Like there not being squatty potties in public places.

E has been shocked by everything. Shocked that H knew how to drive, shocked that she needed to ride in a car seat, shocked that she could walk on the grass, shocked at all the Christmas decorations, shocked at the way a ball bounces across the driveway. I guess these are all experiences she doesn't remember from before. It's been fun to see her get to explore these things anew.

The first thing E did when we arrived. Eat cups of berries.

M has had her fair share of surprises too, my favorite so far being when a waitress brought her a cup of ice water with a lid and a straw. She looked at me wide-eyed, "Is that for me???" Since then, she takes the cup with her when we leave the restaurant anytime it's a styrofoam cup with a lid and keeps it in the cup holder in her car seat because she thinks it's so cool.

Outdoor playground!

But most of all, they've loved getting time with their grandparents, and their grandparents are going all out for them. They brought us to see an ice sculptures exhibit, have been letting the kids pick restaurants (in case you're wondering, the first few choices were sushi, barbecue and pizza) and have been playing with the kids and reading to them non-stop.

Building legos with Grandma

We also bought a bike for M to practice riding here and make up for all that indoor time we get during winter overseas, and she has been practicing like crazy! She still can't pedal, but rides it like a balance bike, pushing off the ground to propel herself forward. But she does really well on it, even that way!

We're so excited to be here and are looking forward to getting to see many of you in the next couple of months!