Strawberry Picking

Right after we got back, a good local friend of mine invited us to go strawberry picking with her! It was a great way to start off the semester.


I was always a little skeptical in the past when guys at the market said that strawberries could be grown locally. But apparently greenhouses make that possible! They really do grow strawberries locally!


We drove to a nearby town, which only took about an hour because of a brand new highway. M didn't even get sick on the way, despite riding in the way back of an SUV with a pretty aggressive driver.


I guess strawberry picking here is much like strawberry picking in the States, you pay more for the experience, even though you're doing their work for them. Lame. But the kids loved it. And the strawberries were really fresh and sweet.


It was a great experience! It was fun to see inside a local-style greenhouse, which I've only seen from train windows before, and the kids loved getting to pick the strawberries and getting to hang out with their friend. It was a great early reminder of how much fun it is to live here!