Summer time!

We're all officially on summer break!

The downside of having such a long winter break is that we have a pretty short summer break. Which is fine, but it always feels like a bit of a surprise. So, H and M are both out of school for five weeks, and we plan to use the time off to rest, catch up on English learning for the kids and take a vacation to Thailand!
So far, the kids have been working a lot on handwriting and reading. Both of them are reading easy readers already and staying home most of the day makes it easier to read one book a day (instead of one a week for M).

We've also been able to do more art nights and we even did an entry in M's "tree book," where we go outside and identify a tree around us by using a tree identification book I got online. (No, it's not in English; I've got all kinds of tree vocabulary in the local language now.) The last time we did an entry in the tree book was nearly a year ago, so we're grateful to have the time now!
We also started working through some Awana books, and the kids love them! I already knew M was a memorizing machine because she puts down ancient poetry in a matter of days at her school, but what I didn't realize was that E was pretty good too! The minds of children are really amazing. So we're enjoying this time off before our vacation!