The Zoo

One of the kids' favorite things to do while in the States is to go to the zoo.

Which I guess is because we used to have a membership and we literally went once a week before we moved overseas, so they have a lot of fond memories there. And fortunately, we still have a lot of friends with memberships, so this is the second year that we've gotten in for free with a member friend!
Their favorite animals used to be the elephants and giraffes, which are still big hits, but now that they've learned more about animals, they seem to also like the cassowary and the piranhas. Which, now that I think about it, are both animals that are exceptions in their categories (cassowaries are birds that can't fly and piranhas are like dragon fish). It's fun to see their interests change over the years! This year, the sea lions seemed to be in the middle of an epic game of tag right when we got there, so that was super fun too.
The petting zoo is also kind of fun for them, except that they're both pretty scared of animals. They get that from their mother (my bad). But in the last year or so, E seems to be warming up to some animals, like my parents' dog, for example, and the difference between M and E was really clear this time at the petting zoo. M has definitely not warmed up to any animals. Note the look of caution on her face in the picture below...
It's so great to get to go to a good zoo! And it's cool to see how learning about animals enhances their experience at the zoo and going to the zoo enhances their learning about animals. I guess that's why schools take field trips to the zoo anyway. Also, fun fact, they're both wearing shirts I made them in these pictures!