Epic School Event

Oh my goodness, I can barely believe we survived this activity.

M enjoying the games in the activity

The girls' school had an event this past Sunday to celebrate Children's Day, which is coming up soon. We usually don't participate in Sunday events (which are more frequent than you'd guess) on principle, but since this is M's last year at the school, we let her choose whether or not we were going to go. And she chose to go. So since the whole school was participating and each child needed an accompanying parent, we all had to go. So I went as M's grown-up and H went as E's grown-up and G came along for the ride. Man, was it a ride.

E's class marching out to do their dance. Their teacher had them all wear sunglasses and bring a bubble gun, which made for a very cute entrance.

First of all, we all had to be there at EIGHT IN THE MORNING, which is even earlier than a normal school day. See why we avoid these things? And then instead of it being a few quality hours of parent-child interaction (which is how it was promoted), we ended up standing in formation on a football field watching hours and hours of speeches and kids doing dances. What I mean is, our kids were lined up in their own classes to do their dances, so the parents had to stand in the same order as the kids, but on a separate section of the football field. Which also means that H and I were not standing together since I was in formation with M's class and he was in formation with E's class, so I had G in the carrier by myself. And actually, I calculated that there are probably close to 600 kids in this preschool, so when you add 600 parents, we're really talking about a lot of people. In fact, my spot in formation was so far back that I didn't even realize the first class had performed a dance until after it was over. So we sat there like that FOR HOURS.

M got to wear make-up, and the parents had to dress to match the kids with white shirts, black pants and white shoes.

The good thing is that H happened to be in formation in front of another dad, so he did have someone to talk to. And also it was a good opportunity for G to "make an appearance." Previously, two or three parents in M's class knew that we had adopted, but the rest of them were just confused why they never saw me anymore. So now everyone knows that we adopted. It was a little overwhelming to be the adoption poster child in a rather stressful situation (G did pretty well given the circumstances, but the event was very long and overstimulating for him). But he did a lot better than I thought he would, and it's nice to have gotten it out about the adoption. Also, three hours in, we actually did get to join our kids and do fun parent-child interactive games (although those were hard for me with G in the carrier--at one point he was on my front in the carrier and I was carrying M on my back as part of a relay race). By the time we got home at 12:30, everyone was exhausted and sunburned. But the girls had had the time of their lives, and we had enjoyed getting to spend time with the other parents. So although I'm pretty sure we would not have agreed to this event if we had known how long and painful it would be, I'm glad we didn't know and we participated!