Time for Sewing

Since the adoption, I've been so overwhelmed by life that I haven't even had energy to sew, other than a few easy things here and there. You know it's bad when you're too tired for your own hobbies.

He's saying "Mama made this for me!"

But I think it's a really good sign that I'm becoming interested in sewing again! It all started because G doesn't really have clothes that fit him. First of all, his size now is really quite drastically different from what it was when we picked him up (thank goodness!), so there are actually clothes made in (mostly) his size. But the speed at which he's growing makes it seem silly to spend a lot of money on clothes that fit him right now and won't fit next month. But anyway, now that it's warm, he only has three shirts. So the other day, he spilled milk all over the one he was wearing, so he had to change to a clean one. But the third one was already in the laundry hamper. So the next day, he had to wear long sleeves. Now that worked out because it happened to rain that day, which makes it really cold. But that is not going to work next month in Texas. So I decided it would only take a couple of hours to make him some shirts and he needs so little fabric for them that I could probably find enough scraps for it and not have to buy anything. So why not?

G enjoying some coloring

Well, that logic was mostly right. It didn't take very long to make him two little shirts (except that I had some serious problems with one of the neckbands that took me hours to fix, but that's beside the point). And it's actually amazing to see how these shirts tailored to his size fit him so much better than the ones we already had. And he seemed so proud to have a new shirt after watching me make it! And I guess that got me going on sewing. I finished a couple projects that have been sitting there for a while and I also made a new shirt and a new dress. E was feeling left out and requested a shirt too, so I guess that's next. But it's been fun to have sewing projects to work on again! And of course, everyone likes new clothes.

M sewing her doll pillow

M also stayed home a couple days this week with a fever and her seeing me do all the sewing made her want to finally make a pillow for her doll (when the Tylenol was working), so she was able to do that too. Sewing always comes in spurts, but I've been enjoying this one! Also sewing is a much better way to cope with stress than eating sweets. You know, fewer long-term negative side effects. So it's been fun!