G Meets All the People

Our trip this summer was a lot of people's first time to see G. And he loved all the attention!

That was his first day to meet Honey and Pops.

This guy is such a ham. Seriously, I don't know if it's the gotta-be-cute-to-get-taken-care-of holdover from the orphanage or if he just inherited this personality. I guess it's probably both. But this guy LOVES people. So when we got to the States and everyone knew who he was and loved him already, it was paradise for him. He instantly loved his grandparents and ESPECIALLY his aunts and uncles.

Pictures with Habu the day he became an American!

For the first few months after he came home, we were pretty strict about telling him he could only get hugs or food from family, but then we were in the States and suddenly nearly all the adults were family. Especially because we only stayed with grandparents so that we would have help with childcare for the girls while we did medical stuff. So most of his previous restrictions were gone. Also, by the time we got to the States, he had already been home for four months, and most people loosen up on that around that time anyway.

His favorite spot for a snack.

By the time it was the end of our trip and my sister was getting married, he knew all of his extended family members really well. And then it was the wedding and suddenly there were more! He just kept running around at the hotel breakfast, first sitting with one grandparent, then another, then finding one of my cousins and looking at us for permission (as in, "Is this guy in our family too?") and then happily demanding to be thrown into the air for as long as they were willing and then finding the next cousin. And of course there were second cousins there too! We kept introducing him to more and more friends to play with, and he just played his little heart out.

The kids all got to meet their first cousin!

Of course, there were times when he was overwhelmed and just wanted to be held by me or H. But most of the time, especially when everyone was at his grandparents' house, he just ran around like he owned the place, with barely time to catch his breath between greetings. What a kid!