NASA Trip #2

One last post about our summer trip!

It's a dollhouse. But the International Space Station. Coolest dollhouse ever.

First of all, teaching M science has made me realize that I didn't learn anything in school. I mean, I really felt like I was learning! And I remember a few things. But apparently I'm missing some major concepts. Such as the fact that the reason astronauts float in the space station is because the station is falling, not because it's so high that Earth's gravity doesn't affect it. So anyway, H is officially in charge of science now and I'm very happy about that. And he was in charge of explaining things at NASA while I drank my coffee. Also a great setup.

I'm an astronaut!

This was obviously also G's first time to NASA and I thought he would be totally uninterested, but it turns out that he loves astronauts! I guess it's the cool clothes and stuff. Also, he thought it was super cool to see rockets and learn that they were not airplanes. So he had a great time too! We went the day after my sister's wedding, so we were able to convince a few of my siblings to join us, so we all went out to lunch together and then explored the Space Center. It was really fun!

It's an airplane AND a rocket!

Our membership is set to expire in February, so we might get to go one more time before it ends. I doubt we'll buy another one for next year, but we've had so much fun with it this year that I wouldn't be surprised if there was another one a few years in the future! Maybe when it's E's turn to do space science.