Quick Trip to Japan

G and I made a very last minute, two day trip to Japan!

Me and my sister. We're actually ten years apart. I started to say I look young, but man she does not have those wrinkles by her eyes.

One of my sisters and her husband (the ones just got married last summer) made a last minute trip to Japan to visit her father-in-law who got relocated there for work. It's a cheap time of year to fly to Asia! Since they were there and I got so little time with them in the States last summer (you know because they were busy planning the wedding), I decided to fly over for a day and hang out! I brought G with me. It was a blast! We got to use miles for the flights, which was a major bonus. It was a lot of transit time, but it was definitely worth it!

Visiting the city with Aunt E and Uncle J

We spent two nights there, so we spent the one full day walking around the area near their place. We spent most of the day trying to get cash and eating delicious food. But we also went to an instant noodles museum. Who knew there was such a thing?! It was a little over the top about the importance of instant noodles (one room had a display of several major inventions: the airplane, the washing machine, the cell phone and instant noodles...), but the best part was that we got to make our own little cup of instant noodles with whatever toppings we wanted. G thought that was the coolest thing ever, although he kept having minor panic attacks every time he needed to hand his cup to an employee to have something put in it.

G picking toppings for his instant noodles

It was mostly just really fun to see my sister and to be able to catch up with her a little bit. Of course, I didn't mind the setting being Japan! Everything was so delicious. Also, on the way to their place from the airport I got stuck in a subway station with no cash and it was too late at night for a bank to be open to exchange some, so I just asked a random person to please help me buy a subway ticket and I gave her USD and she was so nice and helpful! Let's just say that it's not everywhere in the world that I'd be able to find someone willing (and able) to help me like that. We are definitely going back in the not too distant future, and next time it'll be for more than two nights!