We're in the States!

We spent one more full day in Seoul on our way back, but now we've made it to warm (but not sunny) Texas!

Children's Museum in Seoul! Highly recommend

First of all, I just have to say that I don't think I'll ever get tired of Seoul. The food is amazing and everything is just so much nicer than it is where we live. Maybe one day I'll be tired of kimchi at every meal, but I just can't imagine it. So we all really enjoyed being there for a day en route! The weather was pretty terrible, but the children's museum was the perfect indoor activity, and it wasn't very crowded since it was just a regular weekday. Staying there for two nights also saved us well over $2000 in airfare, so it was a win/win!

The United States of America - where you're allowed to climb the trees

So now we're here and we hit the ground running! We landed at 7am or so and after dropping off our stuff at H's parents' place, we went straight to renew E's passport, buy SIM cards for our phones and go to a dentist appointment for me. And that was all before lunch! Let's just say nobody needed melatonin to fall asleep that night. All five of us were alseep by 6:30! Although that did mean that we were all five awake at 3:45. But that worked out too, since we needed to drive down for a doctor appointment by 10, so instead of trying to convince everyone to go back to sleep, we just headed out and got to the doctor half an hour early (only half an hour!).

Jet lag defeats G

I'm going to tell you the things that always shock me in the first few days back: THE MASSIVE SKY (unblocked by high rises) and the fluffy white clouds, soooooo many options in the grocery store, never ending ice water at restaurants, how soft the sun is at sea level, how convenient it is to drive, and how convenient it is to do everything ever. Even renewing E's passport only took like twenty minutes. There are hard things about being back, but in the first few days, we're always just really happy!