Children's Hospitals FTW

G had a "minor" surgery last week, which went really well, but required him to not eat for seven days (only clear fluids). So we had to stay in the hospital for all that time so that he could be on IV nutrition. Let's just say I have a whole new appreciation for children's hospitals.

This was my life when the playroom was closed--pulling around his IV pole while he rode in cars and wagons.

The day before surgery, when he needed a tube down his nose into his stomach so that he could be flushed out, and the day of surgery when he still couldn't even drink water were both horrible. But after that, things got a lot better! It's amazing how much you can appreciate juice when you've had nothing at all for more than 24 hours. But G was such a champ.

This was the worst day, when they put that tube in

What's really amazing is that even though he was pretty clearly traumatized by all the poking (you know, IVs don't last forever, they have to be redone every few days), it didn't seem to affect his trust in us. That just leaves me speechless. Actually adoption has made me speechless more times than I've been in the rest of my life combined. It's just amazing. Also one time when the IV person came in and did his IV she started telling us that G did really well (even though he was screaming and kicking his legs) because she usually gets slapped in the face and cursed at! That made me feel a little better about the whole process. I think actually the hardest part for him (and me) was our family being separated. I stayed all 8 nights in the hospital with G, which was my own choice, I wouldn't let H switch with me, and H stayed with the girls at a friend's house. It was just really hard to be apart so much! Even though H and the girls spent almost all day every day with us, it was just so sad to say good-bye at night.

G got REALLY good at puzzles

But the most amazing thing was that there was this playroom! Right down the hall from us was a giant room of toys, and it wasn't open all the time, but it was open a lot and we were there almost every single minute that it was open. Most of the kids on his hospital floor (it was the surgery floor) were in a lot of pain, so it was usually just G that felt good enough to play. Boy, I tell you, if it hadn't been for that playroom, we would've lost our minds. Also, we had people sign up to bring us meals and visit us to hang out and it was a blast. I just sat in the playroom while G played and people came and hung out with us all day. Don't get me wrong, I never want to go through that again. But it was way better than it could've been! We paid a lot of money to have the surgery done in the States instead of overseas, but it was definitely worth it!

Also, update to respond to a question I have been getting a lot: as far as we know this is likely to be his only big surgery, thank goodness!