Magnolia Mound Plantation

A bonus of our trip into Baton Rouge to see my grandma is that we had just a tiny bit of time on our way out, so we stopped by an old plantation!

We're always rushed seeing people when we're in Louisiana, and actually that was the case this time too, but I guess because I was by myself with the kids, I felt more spontaneous. So I just googled "plantation in Baton Rouge" and I found one. I'm sure it's not the most glamorous plantation ever. But the kids thought it was awesome. Especially because M is going up to (but not including) the Civil War in history this year, so she was especially interested in seeing what things were like under slavery. E isn't anywhere near that time period in history, but because the topic of slavery came up when we did ancient Rome, she was pretty interested too. Only G didn't care, but he was happy to run around following the girls shouting about how cool everything was just the same. A little brother is a glorious thing.

Picture outside the kitchen with the giant mortar and pestle.

We were too close to closing time to get an official tour (which I was secretly happy about because that would have quadrupled our cost). So we just got to look through the windows into the houses. Although the kitchen was outside, so we could go into that. The kids thought everything was fascinating. I FINALLY got to show them what a mortar and pestle is so hopefully I'll stop having to explain it (try explaining one of those to a kid who has never seen one). And they really enjoyed imagining how a mule would have made the sugar press work (it was a sugarcane plantation). Although I would guess that if they had one take home point, it would probably how horrible slavery was. So I think they got the point.

That's the sugar press.

It was a great, albeit very quick, visit! I've been wanting to take them to some of the more famous Mississippian culture sites in Lousisiana or the much older Poverty Point, but those are all far away from where we go. So it was nice to see something that wasn't too difficult to get to but still pretty cool! Although one day we're going to make it to Poverty Point. That place is way too old to pass up.