Redwall Cooking

M got a Redwall Cookbook for Christmas and we have been making a lot of stuff from there!

Loamhedge Legacy Nutbread. It's a biscuit with nuts in it. Really good.

Well, M is long gone in the Redwall universe. It's all she talks about. She quotes it randomly throughout the day. She imagines herself as all kind of different animals and does a war cry every time she runs out the door to play outside. And since we got her a cookbook, we even eat Redwall food. The first thing we tried was that nutbread in the picture above. It was great! Actually I was very surprised at how good it was. You don't usually expect a lot from a recipe based on a children's book, you know? But I was impressed!

The orange thing on the right is a recipe from the moles: Deeper than Ever Turnip and Tater and Beetroot Pie.

So sometimes she finds a recipe that she wants to try and we'll make it together. They're mostly vegetarian recipes, and lots of comfort food type things like soups and breads and desserts. They're arranged in the book by season, and each recipe has a little story before it about the character that cooks that recipe and how it's been passed down in their family or whatever. And so far, they've all been really good. She just used her J bucks to buy a whole Redwall feast, so we'll be trying out some more very soon!