K Wakes Up!

You know how babies are so sleepy and nonresponsive for the first three months? And then somehow right around the third month, they suddenly "wake up" and it's like they see the world for the first time? It happened!

Smiling at one of his three favorite people

I don't know how it still manages to catch me by surprise, but it did. It's like all those weeks you've been taking care of a blob of flesh and then suddenly you have a tiny human! He's interested in the world! There's so much joy in the world and so much sadness in the world and he wants to see all of it!

This also happened when he woke up: he was deeply moved by the violin. Every. Time.

Of course, it also makes breastfeeding a lot harder because it's hard to take in the whole world when you can't see it. So the solution is to alternate between nursing and looking around about every two seconds. That gets old fast But we're glad our little K is awake now! He's still very, very calm, but his smiles and his looks of fascination never get old. This is the best part of the first year! No solid foods to clean up after, no crawling around on dirty floors, just a baby who sleeps well at night and can't give you enough smiles.

Smiling at another of his three favorite people.

I wish he would stay like this forever! Or what would be really great is if we went straight from a positive pregnancy test to this and then stayed in this stage until now. Ah well, just try to soak up as much as I can! The next stage is cute too anyway...