Just Hanging out around the House

Well, since I'm catching up on blog posts instead of writing them "real time," I don't have a lot to add about these pictures I intended to write a post for last summer. But I thought you might like the pictures anyway! So this is not a normal blog post, just some pictures and their explanations!

K started eating solid food the day after we got back from Disney. He hit six months just before our trip, but having to pack solids for a baby and the mess they make-- I was definitely not going to handle that while also being at Disney World. He was very slow to catch on, but wow once he did, he sure hasn't looked back! He loves food!

We used to have regular family game times, but since being stuck in the States (and away from all our board games), we pretty much totally stopped that. One of our realizations over the summer was that just because we were not at home doesn't mean we can't play board games together! So we started buying board games when they were on sale and playing together again. It was so much fun, especially after such a long hiatus!

G has been Pops's shadow the entire time we've lived in the States, and you can really see the effect here! I think he told Honey that he was "fixing the fan." Just the other day we needed to buy an allen wrench, and I said something like, "We have to buy a tool, it's like a screwdriver, but it's a different kind of shape on the end." And he goes, "Do you mean like an allen wrench? Pops told me about those." I guess I should've seen that coming...