The National Museum

Some new friends of ours were going to the museum over the school holiday, and they invited us along!

This was his favorite part.

In typical me style, I was planning to take the kids to the art museum as soon as possible. Especially because art museums need to be taken in small doses when you're under 12. But our friends were going to this one, and I'm glad too! It was a really great musuem! Okay, well, it was an average musuem. BUT THE PRICE WAS PHENOMENAL. So, the combination of those was perfect for us!

Look at the amazement on his face haha.

There's one section of the musuem with a lot of dinosaur bones and such, and of course we enjoyed that part a lot. None of my kids are particularly into dinosaurs (weird, right?) so they definitely did not enjoy it as much as our friends did (they're into dinosaurs), but it's still always cool to just feel the size in a whole new way. You know you can read in a book how tall a long neck was, but it's different to be standing next to one. (Thank you Land Before Time, for making me unable to call that dinosaur anything else.) G had also just read the first Magic Tree House book, which takes place in the time of the dinosaurs, so he enjoyed getting to see more up close what some of the things from the book were like.

Aren't they precious?

There are multiple other sections of the musuem, but I have no idea what's in them, because after we looked at the dinosaurs we found the children's section. The whole basement is all geared towards children. It has big rooms all about the plants and animals native here, and also an explanation of sea currents and earthquakes. We were very interested in the earthquake explanation because we had already experienced two earthquakes by this point! Wow, I was not prepared for that. Sheesh, I'll take a hurricane any day of the week over an earthquake. Although I am getting tougher about it. They also had a big room about all the different cultures that have been historically present here, and that was cool to see too!

M liked trying on all the different traditional clothes.

They had great books that you could read in each section, but of course nobody was reading books while there were buttons to be pushed and friends to be played with. But I whipped out my library app and put holds on a bunch of them at the public library! So that was a win too! All in all, it was a great day, and we really enjoyed getting to hang out with our friends and also learn a lot about the place we're calling home for now!