G's Birthday

When did he get so big?!

His teacher celebrated his birthday even though it was only his second day of school!

Well, I suppose you have to take life as it comes! On G's second day of school here, he turned 6. I don't usually feel bad about sending kids to school on their birthday, but since it was only G's second day of school ever in his life, I really struggled with it. But I sent him anyway. It turned out that being at this unfamiliar school on his birthday really made him feel alone and sad there, so maybe I shouldn't have sent him. But he seemed to recover quickly as soon as he got home and there were presents and all of us singing to him and all that! He doesn't even remember feeling bad that day now.

He requested lemon squares.

He only stayed a half day at any rate, and I spent basically that whole time traipsing around in the rain looking for presents for him. I had quite the budget since we needed to get him something and I had orders from both sets of grandparents. Finally I found a toy shop with (can you guess it?) cars and stocked up. We thought surely he would be over cars by now, but when we asked what he wanted he told us "five hundred thousand cars" because "I didn't bring enough cars here."

We thought maybe a track would make the cars more fun, but no, it's more like the cars make the track fun. G only has eyes for cars.

After he got home and we had dinner and the lemon squares and sang and all that, G just opened present after present of cars. He never got tired of opening cars. Finally, after like twenty cars, we pulled out his last gift: a bike. He started jumping up and down and screamed, "I'M SO LUCKY!!" Haha he sure is a happy guy. He doesn't get to ride the bike nearly as much as he did in the States since he can't go outside by himself, but man he sure does love all those cars he got. I can't believe he's getting so big now, especially now that he's going to school he's becoming more independent and engaging more with the world outside of our family, it's really a big change for him. It's like he suddenly went from preschooler to big kid! He's getting taller too, but I think there's something in his face now that makes him seem older, although I can't pinpoint it. It's been so fun to watch him grow, and although of course I miss the "baby G" days, it does help a lot to have him independent!