Second Hike: Something about a Lion's Head

You know, I've started to notice that all the popular hikes seem to have similar names.

What a view! Can you believe this trail only started ten minutes from our house?

I'd really like to go hiking here once a month. I'm trying not to hold us to that very strictly because it sounds like a recipe for a lot of guilt, but it would be really nice if we could manage an average frequency somewhere around there. So anyway around a month after our first hike, we took another one!

Intense observation of a caterpillar. I'm so proud.

One of the reasons we decided to live in this part of town is because there were a lot of hiking trails that started very near by. And this one was no exception! It's just a lot easier to get outside when you can go, "Hey wanna go hiking in a couple of hours?" and then just go, without any planning beyond reading a hiking blog post. Okay, hang on, I just realized that we could do that "Hey wanna go..." thing pretty much all the time before we had kids. But being able to do it with four kids, now that's helpful, that's what that is.

At the top!

Anyway, this hike started from the same subway stop as the last one did and, fun fact, the beginning of it is on the route to the girls' school, so now every time I drive up there, we get to all remember the hike. Anyway, it was a very short hike meandering around a low mountain and then finally getting to a little pavilion at the top where you can look out over the city. It was really a very light hike, and for the amount of time we had and the energy we had for planning (none) it was perfect for us!