Space Museum

We were a little disappointed to find that it wasn't exactly a children's museum.

I can't decide if this display is really intended to show you the core of the sun or if it's just a photo op.

We had heard a lot of things about the space museum here, but they didn't seem quite to add up to what we expected. I mean, we had always wanted to go, even years ago when we came here once on vacation. So it was inevitable that we'd eventually go. But we just couldn't quite make out what it was from what people were telling us.

H is in his element with teaching our kids about space.

Well, the confusing comments were all explained in one basic principle: it's not a children's musuem. I mean, it has some stuff for kids, don't get me wrong. But in general it was a lot of text. And a lot of things that I would consider theories, like about the size of the universe and models of its expansion and whatnot, are presented as facts. Which I'm all for explaining theories, but it felt a little funny to present them as facts. But then again, I guess if you're an adult you've got filters for those kind of things anyway, right? But from a kid's perspective it seemed a little out of place.

Wait you mean I can touch this one? As much as I want?

The kids still liked it well enough, and I loved this one part where you could learn about what different people in history thought about space (ha of course that was my favorite). Especially because it (reasonably) emphasized historical Asian theories about space which I basically had had no exposure to whatsoever. I don't think we'll go back all together, but I told H it's a perfect place for him to take just one of the older kids, maybe at the end of their home school year on astronomy or something, and he could just follow their lead on what section of the museum to go to and could explain things to them as they're curious. It was a fun outing anyway, and it was nice to have H with us on a summer day trip for a change!