A Visit from Friends!

Now that COVID restrictions in Asia are getting much more lax, we're getting visitors!

First order of business: read to the guests.

We were really excited to get our first friend visitors about halfway through the kids' summer break. They still had to do a modified quarantine in a hotel, but they were allowed to come over to our house during that time, so that was a big improvement! They had their own extended family to see while they were here, so we weren't with them all the time like we are when it's grandparents who come, but it was super fun to have them around!

Taking them to see some of the pretty areas near our house.

We also decided to go on a vacation with them in the middle of their trip, and I'll tell you all about that in another post (okay it'll take me more than one), but we had a really good time just hanging out and doing all our shopping and cooking and normal life together. The kids also enjoyed having someone else to help them with their summer home school! I especially appreciated that since E was in the middle of reading a pretty complex story in the local language as part of her curriculum, Auntie J was able to help her with it! Usually reading is not something I count on having to help the girls with, but since this wasn't in English, E really did need help, and it was perfect to have another adult who could do it!

Celebrating Auntie J's birthday together

We did also get to celebrate one of their birthdays while they were here, and H really enjoyed having the excuse to try a fun new ice cream flavor for that. After some discussion they settled on butter pecan and it was really very, very good. I made a coffee flavored cake (not a coffee cake...) to go with it. The ice cream ended up being much less sweet than we expected, so H also made a caramel sauce on top. Wow that was a serious combination! It was sooooooo good.

They switched cups almost right away. I guess it's part of feeling each other out or something. You know, share germs.

The funniest thing about it all was the way K and their baby interacted though! When they arrived, he wasn't walking yet. He was so gentle and calm. By the time they left, I think he'd graduated from sibling boot camp! He was not just walking but walking with purpose and although of course he was still a calm baby, but he had a lot more to say about having toys taken away and getting the ones he wanted! It was really funny to watch the influence the other kids had on him. Babies are like that, they just love to see older kids and imitate them, somehow they realize that they're not the same as adults. Anyway, I trust he's not permanently too agressive in his normal life as a result of K's rigorous training, but it really was very funny to watch!