Turns Out Not All Coast is a Beach

Apparently there are other types of coast. I mean I knew that. But I never really thought about it until we lived here in this place with SO MUCH coast.

Those rocks were really cool. FULL of little sea creature fossils.

After spending one day scorching ourselves at the beach, we took the next day to drive around the area and see some of the other sights. It was definitely a needed break from the sun, and I think the kids were also so tired from swimming that they didn't mind sitting in the car so much.

There are a couple "famous" things to see, but none of them seemed really that great. I did get to identify a few new birds though! I really love this app that the girl we met in the mangrove forest recommended. And we also drove through a lot of crop fields, and I had a ton of fun figuring out what the different crops were. The one that took me most by surprise was dragon fruit! It grows on a cactus-type plant!

M on the edge of a cliff! You can hardly tell though. I think this may have been my favorite view actually.

It was really cool to see the coast all around the area though and see how rare a true "beach" was. The ocean coming up on rocks or against the edge of cliffs gives you a very different feeling than a beach, more powerful and majestic somehow, and it makes you want to call it "the sea." What's that all about? I don't know why I have that feeling, but I just wanted to sit there and watch it for hours, which is not a feeling I get at a beach. Unfortunately for me, the kids don't agree and my sitting on a cliff watching the sea will have to wait a few decades. Oh, well, at least I got to see it!