First Day of School - All Three Big Kids in One School!

By some miracle, everything logistical got worked out, and the three big kids are all in one school!

Ready for the first day of school!

I still can hardly believe it happened. After going to various immigration offices and visa offices every single week over the summer, somebody finally came up with a solution to G's visa problem that would allow him to attend school. He still has the visa problem, but thank goodness, at least the school issue is solved. I nearly cried! We went to the school the very next day to register, and just a few weeks later, they all started together.

E and G together outside of E's classroom.

What a relief to have them all together! One place to drop off and one place to pick up! Although they get out at different times about half the week. But still! It's been great. And the relief of G being somewhere with his sisters! I mean, it makes the biggest difference to him, but it helps me a lot too. When he forgets his homework in his class, I just text M's watch and ask her to go grab it. Or ask E to run check on him after lunch and remind him to fill his water. Not to mention the girls give us priceless insight into his behavior.

K hanging out with me in the school library. Man it was hard to keep him out of trouble in there. But Make Way for Ducklings got me through several difficult spots.

The school seemed really nervous about all his medical needs, and asked if I'd attend with him for the first week. Well, that was great! I didn't mention adoption and how that creates a serious fear of separation, but me attending with him the first week was definitely the antidote for that! Anyway, he had no medical needs that week, but he felt a lot better with me there. I didn't stay right next to him, I just sat in the school library so the teacher could call me if he needed anything. But it was very clear that it helped G feel a lot better. For me, on the other hand, that was exhausting! Let's just say I was very happy once the week was over and I could actually enjoy having down time while the kids were in school!