"Breakfast Week" at School

I don't have a ton to say about my own kids' involvement in this, but it was just so cool that I have to tell you about it anyway.

E with her breakfast one day

Apparently the kids' school has a tradition where the sixth graders spend two weeks making and selling breakfast to all the other kids. It was a serious operation! About a month ahead of time, the sixth graders had already all decided what each kid would sell on which day, and they sent out order forms to all the other kids in the school. Each kid had to choose what they wanted to order for each day. There was food and there were drinks and they could pick whatever they wanted. Then they had to send the form back to school (along with the correct amount of money) and then once the long-awaited "breakfast week" arrived, they would recieve what they had ordered.

M picking up her order

The sixth graders had made signs advertising all their products and decorated the breakfast pickup area with them. Each of the three classes was assigned three days, and on that day it was those kids who would provide the food. So for example, if you were selling banana bread or chocolate milk, then on the day that your class was assigned, you had to bring the correct amount of your product based on the order forms. After everyone had picked up their pre-ordered food, the kids could sell any extra they had, so I guess they probably usually brought a little more than what had been ordered.

G with his breakfast. Yep that's milk tea with tapioca.

So the kids would bring their little order form to a student who would fetch what was marked on it and then stamp it to show that they had picked it up. Then the kids would bring their food back to their classrooms to eat it. Man, my kids had so much fun with it! It did save me some effort to not have to make breakfast for them at home, but since they needed to be at school a little earlier to have time to eat there, it didn't let us sleep in. But they really had a blast! I think they must've all felt like little adults with their order forms and totalling their own amounts. Those sixth graders, though! They must've all had to wake up at 4:30 in the morning to have time to prep all that food before school! I don't know if we'll still be here when M is in sixth grade, but at least we got to enjoy the breakfast week this year!