Opening Christmas Presents

After a very intense few days, we finally all collapsed at home on Christmas Day in the evening and opened our presents!

Isn't this a great picture? No we don't have a fireplace, that's just a printed cloth draped over our TV!

I was just so tired that I didn't even care that we were opening presents when it wasn't the morning. And you better believe the kids didn't mind not having to wait. So once we got home from the violin concert, we got straight to it!

G's favorite present: a Kindle!

This wasn't K's first Christmas, or even his second one! But it's definitely the first one where he understood what was going on. Don't you just love it that first time they get it? He was so excited and wanted to open everything. And the kids had such an enormous mountain of presents! You know, when grandparents come, they always bring a lot of stuff for the kids. But this time, because it was Christmas, they just wrapped everything they brought and put it under the tree. So it was like double Christmas!

Everyone watching K open his guitar.

The kids got a lot of Lego Mario sets, which was a big hit. They also got a lot of Peter Pan themed stuff from Honey and Pops, and they really enjoyed those too! We got G a Kindle, and I kind of thought he wouldn't be that excited about it since he's not quite as solid of a reader as the girls were when we got them their Kindles. But wow, was I wrong about that! He feels so proud and grown up! And he does use it, but just not super often. I mean, that doesn't surprise anybody, he's still a seven year old boy and would rather run and jump and pretend to be Alexander the Great or whoever is on his mind at that time. But it has been cool to see him reading it every now and then!

He was so excited!

What I got from my parents was a Cricut machine! Wow what a machine! Anyway, I'm sure you'll be seeing projects from that creeping up in the photos of posts over the next few months. It was a great Christmas! Way too exhausting, but there's just so much meaning in celebrating the holidays together. And it was such a special treat to have my parents here too.