K is Learning Violin!

I still think it's kind of insane.

His first lesson

Well. Here we are. Our two year old is learning to play the violin. I mean, I never really expected us to be these kind of parents. But the teacher has been pushing us on it for months. Literally, months!

Look how focused he is!

So first she said she started teaching her own kids at this age. I mean, that's a little different but it did kind of mean she knew what she was doing. Then she said the little foam "violin" only costs about $10. And that seemed like a fun thing to have even without the lessons. So we bought it and said we'd think about it.

Practicing at home

Anyway, then we finally told her maybe we could handle it and we could try it out once. She was so excited! And you know, he only needs about five or ten minutes of lesson, so she just pulled him in when M needed a bathroom break during her lesson, and he was pretty much done by the time she got back. So I guess it's not that much extra work for us...?

A "duet"

Anyway, it's like the most extremely cute thing you've ever seen in your life. He just practices raising the bow and setting it down on the right spot and raising and lowering his right elbow to imitate hitting the different strings and stuff like that. And she does lots of little rhythm games with him. It's so cute! I mean, I don't expect him to turn out to be a child prodigy or anything, but for now he's really enjoying getting to be part of the violin club!